Looking for the best way to ensure maximum results from your hard work and training? We have your solution! AminoMarine™ +Quinoa™ is the ultimate combination of fish protein powder and quinoa powder – containing all 9 essential amino acids. These amino acids, critical for muscle growth, are bioavailable and absorbed very quickly and completely into the human body.


The fish proteins in +Quinoa™ have been enzymatically fractionated in the production process into low molecular weight peptides, eliminating the need for your digestive tract to waste valuable energy/nutrients in the digestion (breaking down) of long chain proteins. Athletes supplementing with Hydrolyzed peptides have been shown to recover muscle "force" within 6 hours, while supplementation with non-hydrolyzed proteins can take up to 4x longer. Your body needs supplementation with low molecular weight peptides in order to recover faster and more completely from hard training.

Extra Protein!

Quinoa is one of only a few plant foods that are considered a complete protein (contains all the essential amino acids). This super food is naturally gluten-free, high in fiber, and loaded with antioxidants!

Fish protein is superior!

• In comparison to whey protein, +Quinoaâ„¢ has impressive ratios of amino acids with high amounts of glutamic acid, histidine, and lysine.
• Fish protein is one of the very best sources of high quality protein known to science, providing a complete but distinct amino acid profile than that of whey, casein, soy, or wheat proteins.
• Due to its complete solubility and low molecular weight, +Quinoaâ„¢ is quickly digested.  The quinoa component is not hydrolyzed, giving it a slower release. Amino acid levels in the blood stream are spiked immediately after ingestion, stimulating muscle growth and recovery pre, during, and post workout.

Try +Quinoa™ today and catch the newest wave in protein!

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