100% Fish

Perfect for the Paleo purist who is looking for an alternative to dairy and grain-based protein powders. No sugars, no xanthan gum, no lecithin, no flavors - just a fat-free, neutral flavor, dried fish powder. We call it Paleocean™.

This is as close as you can get to β€œraw fish powder,” allowing you to remain true to your Paleo/CrossFit diet. We start with fresh fish and gently heat, allowing several hours of slow enzymatic digestion to occur – then filter the solids and fats away so that we end up with a pure liquid protein stream – never denatured- and finished with a gentle spray drying process.

Pending your taste buds, you can drink with water only or mix in your homemade fruit & veggie shake to enhance your protein intake.
Sweeten with Stevia to stay on the Natural side.