– pure, unflavored, and 100% fish - you take it from there.  Check out the Paleocean™ page for more info.


- a blended product with more than half of its protein from fish. Utilizes quinoa powder and vanilla flavoring to soften the peptide taste points. For some, it's good enough to drink in water - but for others, it becomes the perfect base for a smoothie.


- Get 10g of fish protein built into a single serving of pasta. Delicious recipe combined with semolina, whole grains, and a wonderful array of flavors (Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato and Basil).

Get the antioxidants, micronutrients, and organic mineral complexes naturally present in marine-based life forms.
Trust the AminoMarine™ family of products to bring you the cleanest, most digestible, and bio-actively available fish protein source available today.

Product Information

Reported on AminoMarine™ “…a good alternative for high quality protein powders.
The protein has no fishy taste and is rapidly digested like whey. Read More.

If you're looking for a protein powder to incorporate into your Paleo diet, then Fish Protein Powder is a great choice. No dairy, no grain protein – just pure protein from the ocean. We call it Paleocean™.

PALEOISIA blogs about AminoMarine™ "made a shake with coconut water, banana, and plain fish protein powder…
…did not taste remotely fishy…..not only delicious but a velvet smooth texture that I haven’t seen with other proteins." Read More.

Gut Health – many conditions of the gut lining can prevent absorption of full-length proteins.

Providing the protein in a peptide form is a first choice of doctors and nutritionists for improving nutrient uptake.

The peptides/probiotics feed your healthy gut bacteria!

Watch Here.

Collagen peptides are often isolated and used in tablets and skin care products – we leave the collagen peptides in our Fish Protein Powder so you can obtain those benefits as well – they will represent up to 15% of each serving.

Satiety is the term for a food that provides the body with a sense of fullness. By adding 2 scoops to your morning shake, you will avoid the quick hunger return associated with carb-based products.  The serving is less than 120 calories, yet gives you the protein equivalent of about 4 egg whites. Because the protein has been hydrolyzed into the peptide fractions, it will enter your blood stream in just a few minutes – alerting your brain that you have the needed protein nutrients and turning off your hunger signals.



Tasty smoothie recipe!

In a blender add ice, 8-12 ounces vanilla almond milk, 2 scoops +Quinoa, ½ banana, and 1 teaspoon cinnamon. Blend until smooth.


Try this tasty recipe!

In a blender add ice, 12-16 ounces of your favorite Bloody Mary mix, and 2 scoops of Paleocean™ Fish Protein Powder. Blend until smooth. Top off your drink with 1-2 shots of hot sauce for a little kick!

Sticking to one supplemental protein source can have side effects!

Two of the newest trends in protein supplementation are: #1 Hydrolyzed proteins due to their small molecular weight, quick absorption, and efficient amino acid transfer into the blood stream and #2 Blending or cycling of different protein sources. Sticking to one source, for example whey, for months and years can lead to rejection, declining gains, or allergic reactions. Blending a variety of protein sources or cycling different sources can stimulate gains/recoveries and avoid some of the negative side effects associated with long-term repetitive use of one protein source.

Because it works and the science backs it up!

Fish Proteins are recognized to be one of the most complete proteins on the earth and contain all the essential amino acids and in impressive ratios, very different than whey.  Dr. Oz, the well-respected nutritionist, has mentioned the benefits of fish proteins / peptides on his nationally recognized website. Read More.  Due to the hydrolyzed nature of our products and the membrane refining production process, the amino acids are bioavailable and absorbed very quickly and completely into the human body.  Due to its complete solubility, AminoMarine™ is quickly digested. Amino acid levels in the blood stream are spiked immediately after ingestion, stimulating muscle growth and recovery pre and post workout. AminoMarine™ hydrolyzed fish protein isolate provides di, tri, and oligopeptides in an easily absorbed format, essential to rapid bloodstream uptake.


Peptides (short protein chains of 2-50 amino acids linked together) are called di, tri, and oligo-peptides and are basically pre-digested proteins. The original research on the field of peptides comes from agriculture, where peptide ranges have proven to grow the muscle ratio of animals at a far greater pace than typical long-chain protein sources. Various studies have indicated that bloodstream counts of amino acids are increased when presented in peptide form rather than as simple amino acids or as long-chain proteins.  The AminoMarine™ family of proteins are pre-digested proteins, designed to be absorbed in the small intestine by peptide receptors (there are more peptide receptors - think transporters to the blood stream - than there are amino acid receptors or long-chain protein receptors in the intestinal wall/membrane). In summary, this technical jargon means that peptides get transported to the bloodstream more readily, more efficiently and with less "waste" than free amino acids or long-chain proteins! Faster, more efficient absorption of low-molecular weight peptides leads to metabolic growth and recovery!

As mentioned, the AminoMarine™ family of proteins have been partially "digested" in the production process into low- molecular weight peptides, eliminating the need for your digestive tract to waste valuable energy/nutrients in the digestion (breaking down) of long-chain proteins. Hydrolyzed proteins have been shown to recover muscle "force" within 6 hours, while supplementation with non-hydrolyzed proteins can take up to 4x that time. Your body needs supplementation with low-molecular weight proteins in order to recover faster and more completely.


Hygroscopic – this is a term used to describe anything that likes to absorb water. Paleocean™ is so hygroscopic that it will absorb water from the air, which over time can result in caking/hardening of the powder. Note: If this happens, the product is still usable and will still dissolve in your drink. Hygroscopic is a characteristic of hydrolyzed proteins and it is your proof that we have not denatured the protein as in normal cooking. If the protein is cooked and denatured it will not be hygroscopic, which means less nutritious and loss of bioavailable/antioxidant characteristics. Close the container after each time you remove a scoop to avoid moisture absorption. Flavored versions will not be as hygroscopic, as the additional ingredients offset the moisture absorption.

Shelf Life - Kept sealed in a cool, dry place, the product has a one-year shelf life. Again, moisture is the main enemy and will cause the powder to harden.

Statements have not been evaluated by FDA, not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.